I must admit, being petite it’s not so easy. It took me some time to love myself as I am and I am sure that every short person has this struggle at a certain moment in life. Well, now I know that being short is simply awesome.

As a petite woman – I am only 5’2’’, I’ve always searched, invented and reinvented tricks to look taller. Sometimes I had to look taller because my job required this, other times it was just me feeling insecure with my height. Then I realized being short is not so bad, especially when you wear the right clothes.

These are my basic tricks to appear taller.

High waist jeans

I don’t actually like high waist pants, skirts, pants or jeans but they are very useful. A high waist elongates your legs. Add a classic shirt and a pair of stilettos and you have the perfect outfit for the office.

V neck

V neck dresses and blouses elongate the neck and help you look taller without having to wear high heels.

Short jackets

I love jackets of all kinds, but short jackets are the ones that create the illusion of longer legs and make you look taller.

Dress monochromatically

This is my favorite trick because I love wearing a single color, and this one is black and dark shades. Monochromatic outfits help you look taller because they create a vertical line and the illusion of height.

Extra tip

Avoid big, bulky bags because they will make you look shorter. Medium-sized and small bags are the best choice.

Now, I am curious to know what are the tricks you use to look taller. Share them in the comment section below!

Kisses and hugs!