This year (2017) one of my biggest dreams became reality – I went to my first MotoGP race and it was the most exciting experience of my life so far. I chose Mugello, Italy, for various reasons but I am going to tell you the entire story below.

Choosing the event

MotoGP is one of the greatest sporting events you will ever experience. Trust me, you should attend MotoGP at least once in a lifetime if you are a motorcycle enthusiast… I have goose bumps when I am writing this.

Choosing the event is the most important step that will influence the prepping of your entire trip to MotoGP. Of course, there are many factors you should take into account, I would mention location and your budget as crucial.  Actually, I can say that I didn’t choose Mugello, Mugello chose me this year.

In the meantime, I did my research very well and I’ve discovered that Mugello is considered one of the most spectacular MotoGP Races, along with Assen and Sachsenring. OK so, Mugello Circuit has been hosting the Italian GP since 1994 and it is considered one of the fastest and safest racetracks in the world. It is located in the gorgeous region of Toscana, so you will enjoy not only a spectacular race, but also a beautiful landscape.

The longest straight on the MotoGP calendar makes Mugello a lot more fascinating. And do I have to mention that it is Rossi’s home race, and that is an amazing experience for Ducati lovers, too?

Well, we are getting back to this topic in a few minutes.

Buying the Tickets

If you want to get the tickets at the best price, you should subscribe to each MotoGP event; you will receive a newsletter and you will be notified when the tickets are available. Of course, there are many offers on the Internet, some of them include accommodation and other facilities, so do your research well and choose what works best for you.

For this event I bought the tickets almost four months in advance, in February, and I recommend you to buy them two or three months in advance if you want to pay a lower price. I paid 162 euros for my ticket, and my boyfriend paid 202 euros… yes, the tickets for girls are cheaper (please, don’t hate us, guys).

Another important step is to decide if you want a ticket for general admission – which is cheaper, you don’t have a reserved seat, but you definitely enjoy a great experience, or you want a grandstand entry and you have access to restaurants, toilets and, of course, a greater view – Mugello is very crowded so this is a great advantage.

For Mugello I had a grandstand ticket for Saturday and Sunday, at the Centrale Granstand Bronze that offers an amazing view of the start line and the pit boxes.

Where to stay

Going to MotoGP was the perfect “excuse” to take some time and visit Italy so we planned our entire summer holiday around the race.

For the event, we chose to stay in Barberino di Mugello, situated at 12 mi from the circuit. We arrived here on Friday afternoon and we took the time to relax, enjoy the views, drink a beer, and make plans for the race with our new friends. We wanted to go to the track to check the parking and the atmosphere there, but we were too exhausted and we decided to refresh for the next day.

For the next year we intend to camp on the grounds of the circuit, to “fell the vibe” and party all the weekend long.

The first day

On Saturday we arrived around 9 am at Mugello and Moto 3 riders had already started the free practice.

The shock is pretty big when you arrive, at least this is how it was for me, the sound, the vibe, the happiness, all the people there sharing the same passions. More than 80% of the fans were dressed in yellow, or were wearing VR46 apparel. We walked almost 20 minutes and we arrived at our grandstand where we had to pass two security checks – a general one, and one at the grandstand. Once you enter the grandstand, take your ticket with you if you leave the area, I mean if you go to the restaurant, or to the restroom. The guys there will always check your ticket even if they see you one hundred times.

So, during the first day, we watched the free practices, the qualifying sessions, we visited all the merchandise stands and exhibitions.

It was very, very hot on Saturday and, as always, I forgot my sunscreen but I wrapped myself like a burrito in my VR46 flag. Don’t do that! Bring sunscreen, food and beverages.

The food there was really nice, but a little bit expensive I would say.


On Sunday we arrived earlier in the morning, at 8:30. Before going to our places, we stopped (again) at the VR46 Megastore to shop for another presents for Rossi’s fans here in Romania. After that, we had a drink at one of the grandstand’s coffee bars. I can’t describe the feelings, everything was bigger than I’ve ever imagined.

The most emotional moment of the day was when all the riders gathered to pay tribute to Nicky Hayden. Of course, what followed was unique, and even though I expected a podium for Valentino Rossi, the experience was amazing having Dovizioso as a winner.

After the race, you can go on the track, but is was so crowded that I decided to watch all the show form my place, as I also had a great view over the podium.

What I didn’t like

I spent almost the entire Moto 2 race waiting to enter at the lady’s rest room. There weren’t for sure enough toilets for how many ladies were present at MotoGP.  Plus, it was a complete chaos leaving. Trust me, walking was faster than driving.

What I liked the most

The Italian GP is almost entirely about Valentino Rossi… ok, and Ducati. Mugello is the heaven for Ducati lovers. You will see thousands of beautiful Ducati motorcycles. The atmosphere here is unique!

At Mugello I’ve spent one of the most amazing days of my life and I will definitely repeat this experience in 2018.

Mugello is madness!

If you found this article useful, or you have other tips and stories to add, leave a comment in the section below.